We extend our gratitude to our respected supervisor, Dr. Marinos Ioannides, for his invaluable guidance and unwavering support throughout the entire process of developing the Lambousa platform. His profound expertise in the realm of Digital Heritage has been an illuminating force, guiding our endeavors and enabling us to achieve remarkable results. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the Municipality of Limassol, Mr Andreas Masouras, Mr Michalis Masouras, Mr Michalis Pakkos, Mr Frixos Gavriel, Mrs Katerina Loukaidou, Mr Kostas Nicolaou, Mr Christoforos Kashiouris and the entire team at the UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage. Their relentless dedication in assisting with data collection and the creation of the Lambousa platform has played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of this project. Their unwavering commitment and expertise have been instrumental in bringing this platform to fruition. Furthermore, we wish to convey our profound thanks to our parents and friends for their unwavering support and patience during our years of study. Their unwavering encouragement and unwavering belief in our capabilities have been a constant source of motivation, propelling us forward in our academic pursuits. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to an epoch-making collaboration, and we are deeply honored to have had the privilege of working alongside such esteemed individuals and institutions. Without their noteworthy contributions, the realization of the Lambousa platform would not have been possible.

Special acknowledgement goes to the following EU-funded projects, which were fundamental in inspiring the setup, design, implementation, and management of this platform.

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