Welcome to the video section documenting the journey of the Lambousa. Here, we present a detailed account of the transportation process from the old port to the shipyard where the trawler underwent reconstruction, transforming it into a maritime museum.

The videos chronicle the meticulous steps involved in relocating the Lambousa from its initial mooring to the designated shipyard, where the restoration work commenced. Witness the careful maneuvering and logistical coordination required to ensure the safe passage of the vessel to its refurbishment destination.

Upon arrival at the shipyard, the footage captures the commencement of the reconstruction efforts. Follow the skilled craftsmen and technicians as they meticulously overhaul the Lambousa, transforming it into a captivating exhibit that preserves maritime history for future generations.

As the reconstruction nears completion, the videos showcase the process of setting the revitalized trawler off from the shipyard. Experience the anticipation and excitement as the Lambousa prepares to take its place as a centerpiece of the maritime museum, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich seafaring heritage of the trawler.

Finally, witness the triumphant return of the Lambousa to its original port of departure, now reborn as a maritime museum. Through captivating visuals, observe the seamless transportation of the reconstructed trawler back to its familiar waters, marking the successful conclusion of its transformative journey into a symbol of maritime preservation and education.