Lambousa Heritage Project

The Lambousa Heritage Project is an initiative dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of the Lambousa, a significant fishing trawler in Limassol's maritime history. This project, overseen by the Limassol municipality, focuses on the factual and historical aspects of the vessel, highlighting its role and impact on the local fishing industry and community.

The Lambousa, a long-serving trawler in the Mediterranean, has played a crucial part in the fishing practices and economic life of Cyprus. The project aims to document and educate visitors about the trawler's design, construction, the fishing techniques employed and how these changed across half a century. It also explores the advances in maritime technology, the political shifts towards the fishing industry and how the Lambousa and its crew adapted to these.

Through this initiative, the Lambousa Heritage Project seeks to connect the younger generation with their maritime heritage, emphasising the importance of preserving such historical vessels. The project serves as a resource for understanding the evolution of fishing in Cyprus and the Mediterranean, offering insights into the socio-economic aspects of the industry.

The Lambousa Heritage Project is a blend of historical preservation and educational outreach, ensuring that the legacy of this iconic trawler continues to inform and inspire future generations about Cyprus's rich maritime past.