Discover Lambousa

Welcome to our innovative online world centred around the traditional fishing trawler, called the Lambousa, which has become an integral part of Cyprus' maritime history. This project provides a detailed digital exploration of the Lambousa, enabling us to see how it has influenced the world, how the naval architecture of the island is unique, and how the tradition of fishing has become a part of a legacy that continues to exist.

The Lambousa is not simply a fishing trawler; it is the emblem of perseverance and historical continuity, now in the hands of the Limassol Municipality. Highly acknowledged for its importance, our platform uses the latest digital technologies to document every detail of the Lambousa, from the old wooden planks to the stories in the rusted anchors, that connect us to an age where the sea was a way of life.

By launching this initiative, we will be able to increase local community involvement with our maritime history; at the same time, we will be able to improve the digital literacy of all age groups - especially younger visitors. Through the participation of the local community in the preservation of local heritage and digital skills training, we aim to engage residents with their heritage.

We are not just saving the physical appearance, our approach goes beyond seeking to preserve the memory of the boat and those who served as its crew. We uncover the story of the Lambousa and its past voyages, the traditions and craft of the fishermen, and how all of these have contributed to the formation of our island identity. Through historical narratives and new interactive encounters, we seek to create a vibrant and informative experience for visitors locally, nationally and globally.

We invite you on a journey through the digital world of Lambousa. You will learn about Cypriot fishing history, understand the art of fishing, and see the connection between our community and the sea. This project is not just a digital archive, it is a commemoration of maritime culture, a protection of heritage, and a search for future possibilities. Come and join us in a digital space where we celebrate the past, present and future of Lambousa, a place where history and technology are combined.